About Us

The phenomenal success of Happy Cow since its establishment is a testament to how our expectations for fashion are changing. No longer can fashion be overpriced, harmful to the environment and completely impractical. Happy Cow began almost by accident. We had always loved to use leather as a material. There is no better raw material in the world. Only leather is so strong, yet soft at the same time. Like a good wine, leather looks better as it ages and each crease tells the story of the adventures the customer has been on. However in our early 20's we became vegetarians and no longer felt comfortable with causing suffering to an animal in the name of fashion. Then one day a friend of a friend told us about his family's furniture manufacturing business. He explained that it was a shame that they had to throw out so many off-cuts. We manufacture in countries which are major leather exports, thereby providing access to enough sustainable leather to fulfill demand for Happy Cow products.

The Aim

We set out to create a range of Hip Bags that were practical and looked good enough to wear anywhere and with anything. Many designs fit through normal belt loops and feature hidden zip pockets making them virtually thief proof (how can a thief take off the belt if it is so close against your body?). We only use YKK zips which can withstand the constant opening and closing and a reasonable amount of force. When choosing your belt, keep in mind what you need to carry with you when you go out.


Proudly a green website, using eco-friendly and environmentally friendly products.


100% Sustainable & Suffering-Free Shopping

By shopping at Happy Cow, you are not only discouraging the unnecessary killing of animals but you are also helping to heal the planet!  According to the United Nations, the mass breeding of cows (and other farm animals) is estimated to be responsible for a significant quantity of CO2 emissions (around 20%).*  By using only recycled leather, we can help to diminish demand for mass breeding.

Practical & Fashionable

We had always wished for another option than having to carry a bag or fill our pockets when going out. shopping, cycling or traveling. The fact that the majority of women's clothes does not have pockets does not help. When we spoke to some male friends, they were equally frustrated with bulging pockets and misplaced valuables. Happy Cow was born from a need for a way to store our valuables securely and hands free.

*Rearing Cattle Produces More Greenhouse Gases Than Driving Cars, UN Report Warns" (2006); Accessed on 25, September 2007. http://www.un.org/apps/news/story.asp?NewsID=20772&Cr=global&Cr1=environment,