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Buying online is convenient but we all know it has its own challenges - giving people enough information to make an informed decision is one of the major challenges and we have been integrating new features that assist you in finding the perfect bags.

Two major features implemented in September are outlined below.

1. Uniform Sizes. In the interest of making it easier for both our manufacturers and our customers, we now have uniform sizes that we are rolling out across the whole site.

If the belt is adjustable then it comes in one-size-fits-all: 85cm - 135cm

If the belt is not adjustable there is 3 sizes available:

Small: 60 - 85cm

Medium: 85 - 110cm

Large: 110 - 135cm

2. Better Photos. Feedback we often get from customers is that they would like more photos of the bags. We have over the last few months added ínside-view photos to help illustrate how the bag is arranged inside. 

This month we are also adding 360 degree photos to clearly illustrate the design of the bag. The 360 degree image for the Green Messenger is shown below.


What do you think of the 360 photo? Is there something else we could integrate to our product pages to make it easier to find the perfect bag?

This year we have focused almost solely on one question...

"How can we make Happy Cow bags the most loved bags in the world?"

We brought on board a new designer, Alejandra, who has fallen in love with the Hip Bag concept and has brought to the table one (amongst many others) very important skill - attention to detail. 

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Alejandra hunting for the perfect recycled leather finishes at one of our suppliers.

We are changing the face of Happy Cow in 3 stages.

1: Improve Design Methods: 

In this stage we journeyed to India to meet with our staff.

We spent weeks together researching and developing new ways to make finishings cleaner, bags stronger and source higher grade recycled leather.

After much trial and error I can say that we are very satisfied with the revelations we have had so far in terms of finishings on our bags.

Stitching, lining and trimming quality has been vastly improved.  

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The initial design of one of our new designs, this bag is known as 'Indiana'.

2. Developed New Range:

Wanted to bring fresh life into the Happy Cow range and over a period of months we designed and created prototypes of 6 new designs.

The designs are now in the final sample stage (after which production will begin). Opposite you can see the initial design for one of the new designs.

With all designs we have focused on beautiful finishing as well as practicality.

Many designs allow for the bag to be worn across body or slipped onto a belt of your choice. Stay tuned to our newsletter for product launches!


alternate text
Above is perhaps the most popular Hip Bag ever. It will soon be available again in limited quantities.

3. Revise Existing Range:

In the coming weeks we will turn to our classic designs to see if they can be modified to fit your needs even more.

Design and shaping of bags like the Convertible Hip Bag has been revised slightly to have a more attractive finish.

Classic Happy Cow designs will be revisited and perhaps brought back into production with an improved design.


What do you think of the new designs? What do you think we could improve from your experience with your Happy Cow bags?

This romantic love story from a Happy Cow customer made everyone in the office feel all warm inside even though it is the middle of winter in Melbourne!

Here is Laurie's story:

"Ben and I have been dating for about 2-years, but we've known each other for about 4-years. I got a job in NYC and was interested in getting better acquainted with my new surroundings. He had been living and working there for a while, so I got in touch with him and asked if he wanted to show me around to help me feel less like a tourist. He agreed, we went out for post-work drinks, tacos, and brunch the following week. We hit the ground running after that, and never looked back.

Jamaica was in the works almost immediately after our previous vacation last year. Ben tells me now that he decided he was going to propose a short while before we left for the island.

The ring arrived less than a week before we flew out, thanks to priority shipping! He planned to propose on the beach during sunset, going over and over in his head how he would do it and what he would say about 20 times. 
Oh, and did I mention that I had NO idea or suspicion that he was planning anything? I was too overwhelmed by my own fear of flying to notice if anything out of the ordinary was going on. Lucky him!

Ben and I had been talking about catching the sunset from the beach, which is around 6:45-pm, so we had time to grab a quick dinner and head down. We found a secluded spot and started taking photos of the sky.

While we were indulging ourselves in our first Caribbean sunset together, the hotel photographer strolled onto the beach towards us and instructed us to pose. I felt so awkward, being crazy camera shy, and instantly felt a surge of tourist guilt, so I went along with his requests while secretly hoping he'd go away. 

After a few standard portraits, he positioned us facing the setting sun over the sea and then called me to look over my shoulder towards him. At that point, Ben pulled the ring out and held it above my head. I had no idea he did this (until I saw the photos). After the photographer took two shots, I turned back to look at Ben to give him the "let's split" look, only to see him holding open a ring box.

I was shocked, he got down on his knee, and I said yes (multiple times). The photographer caught the entire proposal. I couldn't have asked for it to have gone any better, and I don't think it could have. Ben completely surprised me. Everyone keeps asking if Ben planned to have the photographer there, but it was all by total chance.
Hope you enjoy the story, and I hope it didn't drag on too long. I also included some photos for you.
And that convertible hip bag is so darn cute in that photo too! So glad I snatched it up before we left."

This week we received new Utility Belts, Purse Belts and Pouch Packs. The leather is soft and slightly shiny which gives it a more sophisticated finish that looks great. As you can see from the photos, the bags are lined with the fun cow lining which received such a great response from you guys.

Here are some photos of the new bags featuring the lovely Alejandra. The photos were taken in Thornbury, Victoria.

 Utility Belts

 Purse Belts

Pouch Packs

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