Customer Testimonials

"First of all I just wanted to express how great it is to have a company that cares about supplying ethical leather. I recently ordered the dark leather backpack and I am beyond happy. The bag arrived in one day and is perfect - a great size, very practical with all the pockets and it looks fantastic (I have gotten many compliments on it). I also had a slight issue with the functioning of the product so they sent me another one without any drama. Some of the best customer service I have ever received. I would recommend Happy Cow to anyone! :) "    
        - Matti (Queensland, Australia)

"I recently purchased the Leather Belt Bag and the Leather Fanny Pack.  Both of them are absolutely gorgeous! The quality and colours are fantastic and I use one of them every day! Not only are they functional but really cool as an accessory.  Excellent value for money and a guilt free purchase - you don't get that often nowadays!!! Keep up the good work and I'll be back. THANKS!!!!!!"    
        - Joanna (West Sussex, United Kingdom)

"Finally an Australian fashion company that understands the importance of being ethically responsible AND isn't afraid to show it!  You've got a strong concept guys and wonderful high quality products. Well done and thanks you for my sexy guilt free holster belt.'"
        - Candice (Brisbane, Australia)

"My belt is perfect; just what i wanted! Fast postage as well. I love it! Thank you, it is the best. I use my belt when i go clubbing and also when I go to outdoor gigs." 
        - Anna (Queensland, Australia)

"Thank you so much, Dee! I love the bags but I really appreciate and love the customer service. :) " 
        - Esther (New Jersey, United States)

"I'm very impressed with the two belts that i purchased. These belts are the best I have ever come across, with outstanding craftsmanship & are so comfy! Very highly recommended."    
        - Lauren (Queensland, Australia)

"The Leather Fanny Pack is so much nicer than the photos depict, and the pockets are even bigger!  Thank you!"
        - Amanda (Perth, Australia)  

"I just wanted to thank you for my Waist Pack.  I love it!  Thanks for a great product and customer service"
        - Therese (Alberta, Canada)

"Just wanted to let you know that I received my order of one Hip Bag arrived today, and I like it very much.  Thanks for all your help!"
        - Rachel (Queensland, Australia)

"Hi Dee, I got the package today. Oh. My. Goodness. I. Love. It. Thank you soooooo much, it's perfect! Based on my squealing over it when it arrived, one of my coworkers is now going to buy one for his fiancee. Thanks again for your help, and for this fantastic bag."
        - Sandy (California, United States)

"I was very impressed with how quickly my belt arrived, and even more with the belt itself, I haven't stopped wearing it. I was also pleased to find an ethical company providing exactly what I wanted.  So thanks, I will definitely be shopping with you again, and recommending you to my friends!"
        - Georgia, (Hampshire, United Kingdom)

"I love the Belt Bag, its quality as well as its style and functionality!!! I know loads of dog walkers/walkers, eco friendly people and shops who would love a smart belt bag."
        - Arran (Cornwall, United Kingdom)

"Dear Happy Cow, Thank you for your prompt service and your beautiful hip bag; I love not just the style (what I have been looking for) but also am very impressed with your leather work and your bag construction (stitching, pockets, zippers, snaps, and buckle). I can't wait to take it out!"
        - Ana (California, United States)

"I just received my hip bag I ordered, and I had to write to tell you how much I love it. I was concerned the belt might be too short or the pouch too small, but when I tried it on it is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. great craftsmanship, soft leather, and I look forward to enjoying it for many years! thank you so much!"
      - Amy (Virginia, United States)

"Received my order today. Love it!! Thank you"
     - Frank (New Jersey, United States)

"The package has arrived! :D
 It's perfect! Thank you sooo much for everything! :D"
      - Jeanette (Barcelona, Spain)

"Hi Dee, Just wanted to make you aware that on Friday when I got home I had a note from the post office to collect a parcel. It turned out to be the hip bag which they had tried to deliver on Thursday. That in essence means that it only took a week in total to order and receive the item.  Just wanted to say a Big Thanks, the bag is great! Will be recommending the site to my friends. Thanks again."
     - Alison (Lancashire, United Kingdom).

"I am HAPPY!!! I received this bag much sooner than I thought I would and it is FABULOUS! The workmanship is beautiful and the leather is like butter. This seems to be the perfect solution for someone like me with neck and shoulder arthritis and chronic low back pain. This bag has way too much class to be called a fanny pack. Ordering off the net has become a "leap of faith" and you did not disappoint me. What service! Thank you!"
     - Susie (Washington, United States).

"Hi Dee, I just wanted to let you know that the belt bag arrived today, and it is just beautiful! I can't believe how soft the leather is, and the color is just perfect. It will match with just about everything and holds all my "essentials" when I go out! The best part is that it fits either over my regular clothes, or over a coat (I tested this out today when I took Yoshi for his walk, as we're already having very chilly weather). I do truly love it and want to thank you and Happy Cow again for sending it. Thank you very much!"
     - Brigitte (Missouri, United States).

"Mr. Snyder: Thanks for your quick response.......My purchase of two "Fiona hip bags" along with two gifts arrived in my mailbox today......LOVE them.....I have now purchased three Fiona hip bags....two for Xmas gifts and one for myself...Can't wait to wear mine this Saturday to my nephew's semi-final state championship game."
     - Kathy (Illinois, United States).

"I am a huge fan of your bags!! I've bought several over the past year.. Keep making awesome bags and thanks so much!"
     - Angela (New York, United States).

"Thanks for my bag - it is rad!"
     - Alicia (Victoria, Australia).

"I have received the item, thank you very much for the excellent customer service! The travel belt is exactly what i have imagined. thanks."
     - Erwin (New South Wales, Australia).

"I received my bags today and they were worth waiting for. I love them. Thank you so much."
     - April (Louisiana, United States).

"Thank you again for all of your help (with my new purchase)!! My wife and sister in law are constantly using the belt bags I bought for them a few years ago."
     - Tom (Ohio, United States).

"Thank you so incredibly much for your assistance and quick response. Good customer service is hard to come by these days. Ill try to reorder it and do tje paypal option again since I already have the funds in it."
     - Clark (South Carolina, United States).

"I love my Hip Bag and will shop with you again. Thanks."
    - Isabel (Florida, United States)

"I have received the hip bag. I am Very Pleased with it. You were right It was worth the wait. I will recommend these to all my friends. So slim but hold all my stuff. Thank You again for all your responses to my e-mails!"
    - Tina (Texas, United States)

"I received my bag yesterday and I love it! Thanks so very much."
    - Maria (Oklahoma, United States)

"The belts just came in today!  What a wonderful surprise on my birthday!  And you were right, they are so well made and beautiful-well worth the wait.  Thank you so much for sending them out so fast and for all of the hard work you do!"
    - Carrie (Pennsylvania, United States)

"Thank you so much for being so helpful. I just got my belt today it is prefect just what I was hoping for. It was worth waiting for. I will be ordering again real soon."
    - Holly (Florida, United States)

"Hi Joel, the package hass arrived! My girlfriend was very happy with her belt, multifunctional and nice to look at! Perfect for outdoor party's! Thanks!"
     - Richard (Roosendaal, Netherlands)

Hi Dee, I received my new belt bag today. I just love it. I can't thank you enough for the incredible customer service. I've received a lot of compliments on my brown bag and am sure I will with the black one I just received. I will be sure to continue to refer people to your site.
Many thanks,
Diana Cely (Ohio, United States)

"Dear Joel, I'm so happy that I  got my Hip Bag this morning! It is just like what I want!!! I couldn't imagine how soft the recycle leather would be utill touching the hip bag! I will introduce it to all my friends. I love it and I love your service. You're so sweet!"
    - Su-Fei (Kaohsiung City, Taiwan)

"Hi Joel!! I wanted to let you know that I received my Belt Pouch and I LOVE IT!!! I have worn it a couple of times already and have gotten so many compliments on it!! I tell everyone where I ordered it from (and that it is made from recycled leather) and about the wonderful customer service I have received. I truly can't thank you enough for working with me on this one! I know that I will get many years of use out of it and I am sure that I will return to your website to do more ordering in the near future. Thanks again and take good care :)"
    - Gina (New York, United States)

"Thank you sooo much I just got my leather hip bag and it's perfect! I've been searching forever...this hip bag is cute and thank you sooo much for a great product!"
    - Sharon (Colorado, United States)

"I got my bag today and I love it, thank you so much for all your help."      - Katie (New Hampshire, United States)

"I love my hip bag! Thanks for making a great quality product and thanks for correcting my mistake on the address. I am going to recommend your website to everyone."
     - Daria (Tennessee, United States)

"Stunned. That's what I am at the moment. I received the fanny pack two days ago; it was so much more than I had anticipated. You see we don't have a vendor quite like Happy Cow here in the States. Here you find those atrocious hip pillows that are not flattering at all and screams, "TOURIST... COME ON AND MUG ME ALREADY, LET'S GET THIS OVER WITH".  And to be such a vendor with a philosophy and quality of product such as your company... well, it is uncommon. You should be applauded for that."
    - Tamara (Virginia, United States)

"Dear Joel, Today I received the bags/belts and I am very happy with both of them. Thanks a lot! I know we will be very happy together!"
     - Annie (Victoria, Australia)

"Hi Justin, today i received the money belt and i am very happy with the product. Thank you and i will be in touch soon."
     - Lorraine (British Columbia, Canada)

"I'm from the US and just got my Hip Bag...I first saw the bag on the chick form the show Burn Notice and wanted one SO bad, so I asked for the Hip Bag for my b-day and I absolutely love it! I'd love to see stores in the US carry this bag! Give my regards to the designers, they ROCK! This is SO much better then a pocket belt (dislike them VERY much) and the icky fanny packs (bulky and just not nice)."
    - Sandi (Pennsylvania, United States)

"Joel, I wanted to let you know that I received the bag last week, in perfect condition! It looks great, and my wife loves it!  I also appreciated the (minimal) amount of packaging you used to send it. Thanks!"
   - Bob (Indiana, United States)

"Hello Joel, I received the belt and it's perfect!  Thanks so much."
   - Kelli (California, United States)

"Hi Justin, I received the bag today. It is beautiful!"
   - Lisa (Virginia, United States) 

"It arrived and it's gorgeous. Thank you"
   - Elizabeth (Virginia, United States)

"Really love my belts!  Nicest ones I have seen. I intend on ordering some more in due course. Thank you Happy Cow!!"
      - Elizabeth (Cardiff, United Kingdom)

"I stopped by the Post Office today and picked up my belts. Just wanted to reach out and tell you-- I love them!!!
Also, to thank you for all your help.  My friends are going to be soooo jealous!"
    - Angela (New York, United  States)

"Hi Joel, Just got my belts today and they look awesome! Already have several compliments, and for being in New York City, they've seen it all, huh!"    - Viviane (New York, United States)

"I recently bought the Leather Hip Bag, and I can't tell you how much a simple thing like this be so exciting and practical to wear. All my essentials fit easily without appearing bulky, and the front pouches nicely fits my iPod, and phone. The solid belt strap is great, and the bag itself is tough as, and stylish without appearing too feminine for us blokes. I use it to ride to work, for festivals, and will be ideal for when I travel. Planning on getting another for a mate. Awesome customer service!!"
       - Milan (Melbourne, Australia)

"I just wanted to say thank you for the great product. i've just taken delivery of my belt bag which i chose in order to carry a TENS machine which treats my bad back. it's better than any bum bag i would have had to have if I hadn't found your website. I would recommend them to anyone. Thanks again."
      - Alison (Derbyshire, United Kingdom)

"Just wanted to let you guys know I bought one of your belts at a festival and I am amazed with how functional and fantastic it is. love your products!  thank you!"
     - Gabrielle (Colorado, United States)

"I like my belt a lot, and out of all the hip bags I have seen, it is the coolest!  Thanks!"
     - Jason (Tennessee, United States)

"Thanks, I received my belt yesterday!  I love it and will send you a great photo of it soon and I will be sure to spread the word about your company! Thanks again!"
     - Stacey (California, United States)

"We received our Hip Bags today and they are in a very good state and made from very soft leather. Thank you very much!"
    - Santiago (Las Palmas, Spain)

"I have received my belts.  Thanks so much and thank you for all your help!  I am one very happy cow, oops, I mean customer!"
    - Alison (Queensland, Australia)

"I have received my hip bag and it is a very comfortable thing to have.  Overall another happy customer!"
    - Zina (Victoria, Australia)

"I received the belts today and they are more beautiful than I had imagined!  And Thank you so much for the gift!! That was so kind and thoughtful! I look forward to working with you again on my next purchase.  Again, thank you so much!"  
     - Tracy (Texas, United States)

"ello Happy Cow!! I love you! I received my belt bag and I love it! The quality surpasses what I expected and I can't wait to order more! Thank you for such a great product!"  
     - Catie (New York, United States)

"My husband bought me a Happy Cow Waist Purse and I adore it. It's the best purse I ever had. It serves as a belt as well as a hands free purse. I use it all of the time. Also for you Burn Notice fans, the character Fiona wears a waist purse all the time on the show. It's exactly the kind you can buy at Happy Cow!! It's an awesome product!!! I'd recommend this waist pack to everyone."
      - Rose (Florida, United States)

" My wife is a huge fan of Burn Notice and even more so Fiona's style on the show. We were watching an episode one night and she commented on the hip purse and said she had been looking all over for one. I got her the Chocolate Hip Purse for Christmas. When she open the present, she was so thrilled and it was beyond a doubt her favorite gift. She wears it all the time and gets comments on it from women all the time. Nice work everyone at Happy Cow and looking forward to getting many other things from you all. Happy New Year."
      - Jon C. Henning (Arizona, United States)

"Hello Happy Cow! I want to thank you for handy dandy belt bag received today. It looks great, I'm wearing it right now not because it's carrying stuff but just because I like it so much. I know I'll be getting compliments on my "work belt" so I'll happily recommend Happy Cow.Thanks!"
      - Johanna (California, United States)

" Yeah, your bags have pretty much changed my life. I get compliments everywhere I go and I love not carrying purses. So thank you. And I always tell people where I got them and to support you because I want you to be in business for a long, long time. "
      - Johanna (Wisconsin, United States)