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(17 customer reviews)

Backpack Bag


Some backpacks are beautiful, some are durable and some are eco-friendly – rarely do you find a bag that is all three.

Dark Brown Light Brown
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The first thing you notice when you take your Leather Backpack Bag out of the box is how super soft the leather is. The next thing you will notice is the slightly rough trimmings on the bag, designed to give it that ‘worn’ look straight out of the box.

The large hook on the front swivels so it is quick and easy to open. The inside flap is covered in sustainable suede and adds to the premium finish of the bag. Right under the flap is a large zip pocket, giving you instant access to your phone, iPad and other day-to-day items instantly, without having to rummage through the main pocket.

The main pocket has a double-zip, so the bag can be closed on either side and, if extra security is required, a small lock can be attached. The main pocket boasts a huge amount of space while a smaller zip pocket holds in place your valuables. A convenient velcro pocket for documents or electronics also helps you keep organised.

With fully adjustable straps, this backpack fits everyone. The straps are reinforced with cross-stitching and eyelets to ensure the pack lasts. We stitched nylon onto the underside of the straps to ensure they are comfortable to wear and don’t slip whilst your on the move.

The Leather Backpack Bag is a design that we have been tinkering with for as long as we can remember and we hope you love it as much as we do. Now made from vegetable tanned leather which means less chemicals in our environment.

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Dark Brown, Light Brown


HEIGHT: 42cm (16.5") x WIDTH: 31cm (12.2") x DEPTH: 9cm (3.5")


Made from 100% vegetable tanned leather which removes the need for harmful chemicals to be used during the leather tanning process.


Handmade in small batches which ensures a premium finished product. We use high quality zips and brass finishes to ensure long term usability.

17 reviews for Backpack Bag

  1. Fiona

    The bag is amazing, but I am more impressed by the customer service! I have no idea how, after ordering the bag midday on Tuesday, it was delivered Wednesday afternoon

  2. Sam

    This backpack is stunning. Very well made and looks gorgeous. Fits everything including my surface. I have had so many compliments. The service is also outstanding. Highly recommended

  3. Linda W

    This bag is beautiful and very good quality. It is comfortable to wear. A waist strap would be a good addition but is not essential.Love it and it holds all I need to carry. It is light also.

  4. Stevie

    Love this backpack, super high quality. Will be back for more!

  5. S, Abrams

    Amazing quality leather bag. I’m very impressed with this bag. I was hesitant with the price but it’s worth it!

  6. LNoonan

    Despite being sent the wrong order (this was rectified quickly), I love the quality and style of this bag. Perfect for everyday use and it will be strong and big enough to carry everything . I love leather.

  7. Angel

    I bought this back pack as a christmas present for myself as I thought i deserved it, you do too!! Its fantastic, everything they said it would be and more. I’m in love with it and I dont please easy !!

  8. Angel

    I bought this back pack as a christmas present for myself as I thought i deserved it, you do too!! Its fantastic, everything they said it would be and more. I’m in love with it and I dont please easy !

  9. L. Huck

    I can’t tell you how much I love my new backpack! Wait, yes I can… “I LOVE my new backpack!” My husband, daughter and colleagues love it too and so I’m sure there’ll be more orders coming your way soon.

  10. Jen Thompson

    Thanks Happy Cow……I love, love, love my backpack, as does everyone else who has seen it. I can carry everything I need: iPad, jumper, umbrella, phone, wallet etc….which are also safe from prying hands. It goes with either casual clothes or if I am traveling and choose not to take a handbag…..I can dress it up. I researched leather backpacks from all over the world and would have been prepared to pay o/seas postage to get what I wanted. Lucky for me Oz came up trumps. Thanks again

  11. Deb

    I received the bag today and I absolutely love it. I am moving to London and it is perfect for my new urban lifestyle!!

  12. C. Cernak

    The intoxicating smell! Yes. Everyone loves that backpack of mine. It fits the watercolours without disasters, the ipad and phone, zap books, pens brushes bags of shells, stones and bones, water cooler, apple, lunch wrap, sunnies, readies – I still haven’t really tested it in a month. The heavier it gets, the better it operates. Comfy straps, impressive buckle yep! Looks great with my Footballer Culture tee.

  13. Wildturkies

    During its first outing a managed to empty the entire contents of my water bottle inside the bag. I didn’t know this had happened until my back got wet! Ooops! I emptied it out and tried to dry it best I could. There was a huge water mark all down one side and the bottom corners. I was pretty upset and resigned myself to the fact that I was going to have a customised backpack. Once I got home I hit it with the hairdryer for a bit, turned it inside out and left it to dry overnight. No visible watermarks and the backpack is as beautiful as the day I got it. It is indeed a happy cow. Thanks for making such a lovely product.

  14. Diane M.

    I wanted to thank you so much. Received my backpack just before 9.00am this morning. Service is incredible. I am very happy with the backpack and the excellent service.

  15. Julie

    I really love the roomy nature of this bag as well. I bought it specifically to give my shoulder a bit of a rest from the handbag strap and it is great as a backpack. Stylish and comfortable and best of all, it’s kept cows happy 🙂

  16. Dylvermom11

    I’ve had this bag for over a month now and I’m in love with it! I get a compliment on it at least 3 times a week. It’s very soft, comfortable and fashionable. I highly recommend it!

  17. Alexis A.

    I am obsessed with this bag. I honestly cannot believe how huge the inside pocket is, yet the bag is not bulky in the least. The wide straps are a bonus as they alleviate any pain from a heavy bag. Good quality and customer service. An overall great investment. I’ll keep shopping when my next paycheck rolls in.

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